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Greenhouses and Nurseries

Business Name Address Website Phone Number Products
Donnie’s Greenhouse and Nursery 184 Daisy Lane, Mocksville, NC 27028 336-941-7756 Bedding plants, hanging baskets, vegetable plants
Providence Farm Ornamentals 182 Providence Trail, Mocksville, NC 27028 336-998-9758 Japanese Maples and dwarf conifers
Wind Chime Nursery 698 Cedar Creek Road, Mocksville, NC 27028 Wind Chime Nursery 336-782-0960 Shrubs and trees, landscaping services, hardscaping,
Hours by appointment only.

Disclaimer: The use of brand names and any mention or listing of commercial products or services does not imply endorsement by North Carolina State University or N.C. Cooperative Extension nor discrimination against similar products or services not mentioned.