Celebrating Local Farmers

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About Farm-City Week

Since 1955, the United States has recognized National Farm-City Week to celebrate and honor the importance of farmers, ranchers, and agriculture to our country. The US is fortunate to have a safe and abundant food supply. Farm-City Week recognizes the contributions that farmers make to both rural and urban communities providing the food, fiber, and fuel that we all depend on every day.

N.C. Cooperative Extension, Davie County Center, will kick off a virtual Farm-City Week Celebration on November 22 releasing several county videos as well as a playlist devoted to local farms and agriculture. To learn more about how to connect with and support local farms in Davie County, visit the Local Farms page.

To celebrate Farm-City Week and to learn more about farms and agriculture in Davie County and North Carolina, starting on November 22 there will be videos will be available from local farmers, Davie High School’s Future Farmers of America, N.C. Commissioner of Agriculture, President of N.C. Farm Bureau, professional speaker and author, Jolene Brown, and Dean Linton, and Rich Bonanno from NC State University and NC State Extension. You can find the video presentations listed on the Farm-City page.