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Company Street Address Phone Website Facebook Info
Davie Farm Service – Southern States 116 Wilkesboro St. Mocksville, NC 27028 336-751-5021 Davie Farm Service Davie Farm Service Fertilizer, agricultural pesticides, seeds, plants
Gallins Family Farm 222 Rocky Dale Lane, Mocksville, NC 27208 336-448-9494 Gallins Farm Gallin’s Family Farm Compost and composting services
Gra-Mac Irrigation 2310 NC HWY 801 N, Mocksville, NC 27028 833-403-1006 Gra-Mac Irrigation Irrigation Supplies
Granite Ridge 5142 Highway 601 N, Mocksville, NC 27028 336-941-7273 Granite Ridge Farms Granite Ridge Farms Wedding venue, corn maze
Sunrise Worm Castings 233 Latham Farm Road, Mocksville, NC 27028 336 972-1301 Sunrise Worm Castings Vermicompost
The Loft at Sunflower Trail 1131 Eatons Church Road, Mocksville, NC 27028 336-244-4535 The Loft at Sunflower Trail The Loft at Sunflower Trail Wedding venue
Wallace Farm 221 Wallace Farm Lane, Advance, NC 27006 336-747-3938 Wallace Farm Wallace Farm – Advance Compost, mulch, soil mixes
The Farmhouse at Gemini Branch 3320 NC Hwy 801 N, Mocksville, NC 27028 336-909-3754 Gemini Branch The Farmhouse at Gemini Branch Wedding, Event Venue, Accommodations

Disclaimer: The use of brand names and any mention or listing of commercial products or services does not imply endorsement by North Carolina State University or N.C. Cooperative Extension nor discrimination against similar products or services not mentioned.