Soil Sample Information

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Soil Test Kits

If you need to test soil samples from your yard or garden, please stop by the extension office to get a soil sample packet. The packets are in a dropbox next to the front door. The packet contains soil sample boxes and the form that must be sent with the samples, as well as a tip sheet with instructions. If you’ve never done a soil test before, refer to the tip sheet or talk to Susan Hawkins, the Horticulture Agent.

Processing Information

Soil samples are processed free from April 1 – November 26, 2020. From November 27, 2020, to March 31, 2021, there is a fee of $4.00 per sample. Please note that the lab has to receive the sample by November 26 in order for processing to be free. Be sure to mail your samples to the state Soil Lab in plenty of time to get there before the deadline. The samples must be mailed to Raleigh and not dropped off at our office, we do not mail out samples. 

Results for samples processed between April 1 and November 26 are usually ready in about two weeks. Results for samples processed between November 27 and March 31 will take longer to be available.


If you have questions or need help interpreting your soil test results, please call our office at 336-753-6100 or email