Meet Our Intern: Rose Vaughan

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My name is Rose Vaughan, I’m a senior at NC State University studying Animal Science with a minor in Extension Education. I’m from Pittsboro, North Carolina and I am a die-hard Wolfpack fan! I grew up raising a small herd of chickens and working with my siblings to run our family business. The “Vaughan Family Farm” sold the eggs from our 70-80 chickens to neighbors, friends, and a local marketplace. My great grandparents were farmers, my dad is a soil scientist, and many of my other relatives work or have worked in the agriculture field. I’ve grown up around agriculture but began to get more excited about it once I started studying it in college.

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Through my studies and experiences at NC State, I have grown to love advocating for agriculture; particularly when it comes to livestock management and production. I have enjoyed getting to work with and learn about livestock, specifically including swine and dairy cattle. During my junior year, I worked at the Swine Educational Unit at NC State. I cultivated general skills in animal husbandry and farm management as well as technical skills relating to pork production. I had the opportunity to gain experience in collecting boars, breeding sows, assisting and facilitating farrowing, raising nursery pigs, and finishing pigs to market weight. My experience in dairy cattle has come partially from my classes at NC State, but largely from my involvement in the Dairy Science Club. I have been a member of the club since Spring 2019. I was the club Treasurer during the 2019-2020 school year and am currently serving as the Vice President. Being an officer for the club has contributed to my skills in working with other people to organize events as well as increasing my knowledge and interest in the dairy industry. The club has hosted professionals in the industry that have taught me the importance of the dairy industry and how it works. Additionally, our club members have worked at the NC State fair to teach the public about cheese and milk as well as work with the youth livestock shows. I’m excited to use the knowledge I’ve gained to advocate for agriculture and teach the public about livestock production while I’m working in the N.C Cooperative Extension of Davie County office this summer!

As an intern in the N.C. Cooperative Extension of Davie County office, I’ll be working alongside the agents to create and facilitate projects for local communities and 4-H students. I will also be going on field visits with the livestock and horticulture agents to gain a better understanding of their roles in the community. My goal for this summer is to create fun projects for 4-H students and teach adults in the local community about the livestock industry and its importance. I hope to be an asset to the N.C. Cooperative Extension of Davie County team!